this is my art blog *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

all art posted here is mine unless otherwise stated. mostly fanart. check out my tags.
im kinda inactive, sorry!

dream address: 5300-2383-1345

if you want me to see a post, or you're posting a review of a patch/pin, i track #doodlesproutart and id love to see your post!

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Figure drawing!!! Woo. The second model fell asleep in the last one omg. He’s literally the cutest little old man I’ve ever seen.

school has started and im dead inside so. mini hiatus sorry!

im packing all this week and starting school monday (i think, maybe wednesday im not sure) so i will probably be posting even less than i usually do aha„„ just a heads up. 

i….. have no explanation. u can use if u want…………

happy birthday to me


♡ my holy trinity ♡ read the captions 

Guess who’s route I finally played

very„„ self indulgent drawing of my sister and i + sons„„ *scurries away*


as an update, I am now officially selling my items on my etsy
please check it out!

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i made business cards! im working on uploading my products to etsy and for the time being (and probably for awhile) etsy will be the primary way i sell my patches and take commissions. 

I now have my cat pin and new leaf pins available for purchase on my etsy! please check it out c:

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