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inktobers + 2 old comics 

oh yea i made an faq thing 

inktober day 14 + prismacolors


Day 12 + prismacolors



So my friend Melissa sent me the cutest little package that arrived today!

If you don’t know her, she does FANTASTIC embroidery, patches, and pins and she sent me the cutest letter with the Mizuki pin she made me as WELL AS A BONUS acnl pin?? Her work is so quality and amazing, I definitely recommend her stuff! You can really tell how much work she puts into making these pins and each one of them are so, so cute and worth every penny T^T <3

Here’s all the links where you can contact her/see her work/order some of her pins!:






Please check her out! You won’t regret it! xxx

button im so glad everything arrived safely! ily bby <33


okay so i won a giveaway from doodlesprout/mel ! where i could have a pin/badge made and ofc i chose my golden child mihashi ^^;;
and i am!!!! so so happy & IM IN LOVE with the pin! It is so beautiful and the details blow me away!! i especially love his blush and the heart in his mouth!! so cute!! 
thank you so much mel and everybody go check out and support bc i am so impressed and absolutely adore my pin!!! 


some finished gesture and figure drawings. please click thru them!

calling these day 1 and 2 (edit: i realize the second one i used as day 9 i was very tired when i posted this lmao) of inktober since i started on the 3rd! the mihashi was part of my giveaway’s secret prize for the lovely aphguam​ so i didnt want to post it yet c: but here we are!

some finished gesture and figure drawings. please click thru them!

oh yea inktober day9

figure drawing homework

I’m still doing inktober I just don’t want to post them until I can scan all of them :T

Only posting part of this since I’m scanning it later but it counts as day 7

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